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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nana's Visit

Recently Nana came to visit. Papaw was in Africa for three weeks and we had the pleasure of entertaining Nana while he was gone. Since Nana's birthday was during Papaw's trip away we celebrated with her. She came on the 7th and her birthday is the 1st. So after dinner when Tyson walked in with the cake singing happy birthday she was really surprised. We all loved having some cake and celebrating with her.

While she was here Nana went to bible study with Rylan and I. We went to Landa Park one day, and showed Nana New Braunfels. The majority of the time was spent hanging out at the house and enjoying each other. Tyson and I got lucky too because Nana babysat and we got to have a date night! Thanks for coming Nana, and we will see you soon!
Nana's was so surprised.
Nana blowing out the candles.
Nana and Rylan at the park in New Braunfels.
A picture I think Nana will enjoy!
                                   Most of our time was spent doing this, laughing at our little ham.

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