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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What does an elephant do?

Recently we had a great adventure of going to the San Antonio Circus. I will start off by telling you that we had a hard decision to make. The circus times were at 10:00 and 3:00.  Rylan is still taking two naps, the first at 10:00 and yep you guessed it, the second at 3:00. We really wanted to go because we really thought that Rylan would love it. So we stuck with our morning nap and decided to go to the circus at 3:00 and pray for the best. Well the best worked out.

However, it did take us 45 minutes to get into the parking lot to park. But after that it was smooth sailing. Once the show started Rylan was in love. His eyes stayed glued to the performers the entire time. Plus Tyson and I were very surprised at how entertaining it was for us as well.  Needless to say when the circus comes to town again we will be there.
This is just to show you how glued his eyes were.
At intermission they opened the floor to everyone. They had face painting, moon bounce, pony rides, and elephant rides. They all looked like fun but a little to old for our boy.
When we walked down to go to the floor we just so happened to find the tigers. They were even more beautiful up close. But you could also tell how pooped they were from their performance.
If you notice Rylan would not look at the camera. He was too busy watching the pony's.
The elephants were very entertaining and amazing to watch. We have been working on animal sounds with Rylan, and our most recent just happens to be the elephant. We say "what does an elephant do?" and he will throw his hand up like a trunk and make an elephant sound. Every time he saw the elephants he mimicked exactly what they did.
I just have to end on this hilarious picture. I do have to say these were pretty scary clowns. 
Rylan did great the entire time and payed very close attention to everything that went on. We loved the circus and wish we could go again this weekend. We skipped a nap and the world didn't come to an end. Just to show you how flexible our children really are.

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