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Monday, January 30, 2012

Muleshoe Stockshow

     Last Friday Muleshoe had the local stockshow. We thought that going would be something that Rylan would enjoy. And lets be honest, their isn't a whole lot to do here, so when something like this comes up we go for it. Our friends The Myer's have pigs and show. So, when we got there we went straight to them to see their pigs. Garrison had three pigs at the show, none of which had names. He asked Rylan to name them for him, which I thought was so cute. Rylan did his cute little thing where he taps his chin with his finger and said, "Hum, lets see". Then he pointed to each pig and told us their names. The first was Snout (with Tia's help), the second was Blue, and the third one (my favorite) was Cow. Along with seeing lots of pigs the show had steers, and sheep. So we went and saw all we could. We even got to see a baby calf that was just born.
     At the end of the show they allow the little kids to get out there and "show" a pig. Rylan was down for that and Garrison was sweet enough to help him out. It was so adorable to see all of the kids out there with these pigs that were as big as they were. Rylan was very serious the whole time. He followed his pig around the pen like he was supposed too. He got a ribbon that he was very proud of, it is in his room hanging (per his request). When he was done he came and told me "Momma a hit pig and show him". It was a fun event to go to. Our town is small but we certainly find fun in it!
Rylan using his stick. It actually went better than I had expected, we didn't hit the pig. LOL
Sweet Garrison showing Ry how to show the pig. Rylan liked Garrison before, but now he really really likes him.

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  1. Love it!! Do I see Rylan raising and showing a pig in your future? :) I have the best memories of going to stockshow growing up!