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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year Rylan chose wanted he wanted to be for Halloween. I asked him several times and every response I got was "A foootball payer". So a Texas Tech football player he was. This costume has already been worth the money we spent on it. He wears the helmet everyday, because yes Rylan plays football everyday (either with one of us or by himself). We have already worn the outfit three times and the jersey four times. It really was the perfect gift for our little football obsessed boy.
This is Ry all decked out in his uniform.
We met up with some friends and walked around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat. It was fun and so sweet to see all of the kids knocking on peoples doors as a big group. This was the first door Rylan knocked on as well as trick-or-treated at, ever. He would even whisper trick or treat to the people and then say thank you. It was so cute, especially when some of the kids said it in unison. 
A glimpse at part of the group waiting on some candy.
Our little number 84 (Tyson's number in high school), trick-or-treating for the very first time.
He was so pleased and excited at all the candy he got. This smile says it all.
Hope you all had a safe, somewhat healthy, and happy Halloween!

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