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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Rylan

          This past Saturday we celebrated our baby boy's (so it still seems to me) 3rd birthday. It seems like yesterday that he was so little and depended on us so much. Looking at Reese now, it is hard to remember Rylan being that small. Where has the time gone? It has passed by all to quickly. My baby boy is now a tumbling, talking, laughing, running, hard headed, handsome, smart, healthy little boy. In a blink of an eye our son is now 3, WOW!
     We were lucky enough that our party that was planned for outside got to happen that day. We had two full days of rain before Saturday, so I figured that we would be moving the party inside. But, God said "No Momma, these kids will play outside." Thank goodness for sunshine. We had family, friends, sunshine, cupcakes, and my sweet boy to celebrate. The day was perfect. We had the party early, so we had the rest of the day to just relax and enjoy our little man.
     I have had a few break downs throughout the week, just knowing that my baby is growing up so fast, but through it all, I also get to see the young man that he is becoming. With God on our side we will get our sweet baby boy raised!
     Rylan, you are everything I wanted in a son and more. You constantly keep me on my toes, laughing, crying, and every emotion in between. I wouldn't trade this world with anyone. Spending everyday with you and your sister is my greatest accomplishment. I love to sit and watch you be ALL BOY! You are wild with passion, independence and love. Your love of cars, trucks, puzzles, books, painting, Lego's, stickers, Buzz, Woody, Lighting McQueen, Mater, dirt, running around naked, chasing Duncan and Winston, pretending to be "Puss-N- Boots," getting up at 6:00 am, talking in you own lil Rylan language, singing to us, wanting to wear your pj's all day, playing any and all sports that include balls, mowing with Daddy, cooking with Mommy, being sweet with sister (or as you call her "Baby Girl"); these are all things that make you, YOU! Rylan Charles WE LOVE YOU!

A Glimpse Back.............
Rylan on May 12, 2009, the day we finally met our lil man.
Rylan on his 1st Birthday Party
Rylan two years old, and really becoming a little boy.
Our now 3 yr. old......... like I said where has the time gone?

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