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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rylan's First Hair Cut

While we were in Oklahoma Rylan got his first hair cut. We originally wanted to go to a kiddy hair sallon, so he could sit in a little airplane. However, we thought that it would be even cooler to have a family member do it. So who better than my cousin Kallie is a hair stylist.

It was definately time to cut it, Mommy couldn't do anything with it. Tyson said it was starting to look like a comb over, much like Donald Trump. With that comment, I was ready to "get er done." Rylan did so great, he didn't cry at all. He squirmed a little but never got upset. When Kallie was done she spiked into a fohawk and gave our little man a certificate. After he was all done he looked more grown up than ever. My baby is growing so fast.

Rylan and his crazy hair sticking straight up on his head. He is looking at cousin Kallie, saying "Help me lady, have you seen my hair?"
The first snip, and Mommy actually didn't cry.
My big boy!
This face is priceless.
All done! Cousin Kallie did a great job!
And back in Great Granny's arms.

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