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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We recently went on a vacation. Tyson had a week off so instead of going to Searworld or Disneyland we chose to go visit family. There is so much family that we haven't seen in a while and who Rylan hasn't got to play with yet. So off we went on our Road Trip. The majority of the time it seemed as though we were in the car. And a lot of it we were, but Tyson and I had got a great chance to catch up. When you are forced to be in the car that is sometimes the only thing to do. We loved it because sometimes in the weekly grind we forget to sit down and just visit with one another.

We started out by heading to Aaron and Samantha's in Olney. We wanted to see them, and give them all of the goodies we got for Sophia. The boys went fishing, and us girls got to visit and talk babies. Aaron is like a kid himself and him and Rylan had a great time playing. Samantha actually babysat for 25 minutes while I ran to Dairy Queen to get us dinner. Slowest Dairy Queen in the world (but that's another story). It was great to visit with them and divide up the trip. For Rylan it worked out well, becuase we planned to be in the car during nap time.

Once we got to Oklahoma we went and camped out at Granny and Papa's. Just the smell of my Granny's house brings back so many memories. It was so nice to see them and Rylan interact. Granny and Rylan became best friends. Granny even ate whatever Rylan fed her. Unfortunately they won't be able to come down for his first birthday. So Granny made him cupcakes and got a #1 candle to go on them. He wasn't for sure what to think about the cake, he didn't devour as expected. Rylan had many firsts while we were on vacation this week.
1. eating cake for the first time
2. getting his first hair cut (that will be a post all it's own)
3. ordering off the kids menu for the first time. We now know Rylan likes hot dog's and chicken nuggets.

We got to see all of my Momma's side of the family. Which was nice because most of them haven't seen him since he was 4 months old. We also got very lucky all week, Rylan was the best baby ever. I even had to do a double take a few times because he wasn't acting like himself. The Lord really blessed us with a good traverler this trip. We had a great week and look forward to Daddy's next vacation.

Having orange juice for the first time, and guess who introduced him to something new? Yep, Uncle Aaron, who else?

Rylan telling his sweet cousin Sophia to come out and play!

Rylan and Great Granny hamming it up for the camara!
Rylan loved to pick on Papa's mustache and glasses.

Watching TV with Papa like a big boy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on, who can resist?

We went to visit Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tony, their land is beautiful so we had to take some pictures. If only Tyson's head wasn't cut off.

Rylan and Great Granny sharing kisses!
Rylan and Daddy watching the cows come in as Unlce Tony called them. The were mooing and Rylan loved it.
Rylan getting to see the cattle that Aunt Debbie and Uncle Tony have on their property.

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