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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The "Shoe"

Happy 4th of July! This was our little firecracker enjoying Nana & Papaw's.

We went to Muleshoe for the 4th and we had a great time, once we got there. Let me explain.....
Being the scheduled parents that we are, we tried very hard to plan our flights around bed and naps for Rylan. Well, we got a taste of "go with the flow" from Southwest, which is what we did. We were scheduled to fly out of Dallas at 8:15 pm, well we finally boarded the plane at 11:30. When we got on board I told Tys now watch our luggage not make it (something I would later regret). We finally arrived in Lubbock at 1:00 a.m. (with our 1 year old in tow) and Nana waiting on us. Thank you Cindy for being so patient with us. Especially after we went to pick up our bags and Rylan's carseat was nowhere to be found. Well we had to take an extra of a really sad excuse of a carseat that Southwest gave us. They did make it up to us by bringing ours all the way to Muleshoe the next day.
I must say that Rylan was so good, so good, so good! He never ceases to amaze us with how well he can "go with the flow". In the Dallas airport he made friends who entertained him the entire time we waited. These two kiddos did a great job and were so kind and sweet with him. He stayed awake the whole time, which is really good considering bedtime is 8:15. He did take about a 20 minute cat nap on the flight to Lubbock, but then was wide awake to greet Nana. He stayed awake until we got to Muleshoe at 2:00 a.m. Hats off to Rylan for being such a great baby and such a trooper!
On Saturday we went to Tyson's 10 year class reunion. We showed up a little late considering Rylan's schedule was thrown off the day before. We visited with everyone, Tyson showed off his boy (he is so proud), and Rylan danced and shared a lollipop with Brynlie (Lynsie & Dustin's oldest daughter). Then we decided to take Rylan to Nana & Papaw for some grandparent love. Next Tyson and I got to enjoy a night out in the big town of Muleshoe, and yes folks we got to party it up until 2:00 am at the Country Club. It was great getting to catch up and visit with everyone, we are really glad we went. Plus Nana & Papaw claim that Rylan was an angel.
The next day we HAD to go to Leal's. Rylan loved his Papaw's guacamole and his Daddy (against Mommy & Nana's wishes) let him dip his chip in the salsa. Big mistake, the first few bites we thought he was going to tolerate the heat, then he must have gotten a hot bite. After Leal's the boys golfed, Nana, Rylan and I went swimming. Later that evening when the boys got home we grilled out and enjoyed a very nice evening underneath the West Texas skies.
We loved seeing long lost friends and Nana & Papaw! Plus the flight home was great, no complications, and our luggage made it back to San Antonio with no problems.
Rylan enjoying the skies.
Way up high.
Our friends we made in Dallas. Notice how Rylan is ready for bed in his PJ's and houseshoes.
They played the entire time.
Brynlie sharing her lollipop with Rylan. TOOOOOOO CUTE!
What boy wouldn't take something sweet from a pretty girl?
Nana & Rylan swimming.
Rylan & Mommy showing Nana our water tricks.
Rylan made himself at home at Nana & Papaw's, you would think he lives there. He found a drawer that he loved in Nana's kitchen.

Three generations of Purdy boys!
Proud Grandparents
Rylan's 4th of July outift.

Daddy & Rylan playing outside.
This is one of my favorite pictures, it captures my boys perfectly, always playing and laughing together.


  1. Sorry your flight got messed up :( never fails. But your lucky to have a laid back little one. Glad you guys had fun and hope to see you soon. Love and miss you.

  2. Sounds like my luck when I fly. It never fails that you have some type of trouble when flying with little ones, oh so exhausting for these mommas. Glad you had a fun trip in Muleshoe over the 4th. Love the pic of Miss Brynlie sharing her sucker with him. Too cute!