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Monday, July 19, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

     We have been planning on going to a San Antonio Missions game. The Missions are the minor league baseball team here in San Antonio. We have heard that it is a great family night and really cheap also. Well, both of those are criteria for the Purdy family. So two weekends ago we were finally able to go. We were a little nervous, considering that the game started at 7:00 and Rylan's bedtime is at 8:15. Well, have no fear, because our boy was AWESOME!
     We sat in the most expensive seats ($10 whole dollars), and they were located right behind home plate. I didn't want any balls flying near my baby, but thankfully our seats ended up being right behind a huge net, so our seats were perfect. There were foul balls hit into the stands the entire game. One lady actually got hit by a foul ball and she wasn't watching, so it hit her really hard in the head. As awful as the situation was, I thought that I was about to finally see my man in action. He went over to the where the lady was and shared that he was a Doctor. He fortunately was not needed, but she was taken to a hospital.
     There was a lot of entertainment the entire game. There were mascots, music, and little games played between each inning. Rylan was entertained the entire game by all the ballpark excitement and the children around us, whom he made friends with. After the game they had a fireworks show. It was a fantastic display and Rylan loved watching them. We finally got in the car to go home at 10:30 and Rylan slept all the way home. Even though we were thrown off our night time routine (which you sometimes have to do) we had a great family night out. We look forward to going again soon!

Rylan playing with a ball that a little boy shared with him.
The mascots entertaining us!
Our family photo, notice Mommy's hair, what a mess.
Just trying to capture the hit with my camera. I just love playing with my new camera.

The fireworks display at the end!

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