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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Easter

     We had a great Easter this year. Having Rylan get excited about bunnies, eggs, and little chickens made it all that much more exciting to us. However, through all of this excitement much discussion transpired between Tyson and I. Where did the Easter Bunny and Egg Hunts all come into play when Jesus rose from the grave?  We realized that although Rylan is only two we still want to begin teaching him the true meaning of why we celebrate Easter. We want him to know that God sacrificed his son, that Jesus suffered so that we may be forgiven, and that Jesus rose from the dead and is still alive. Don't get me wrong, we will still do the egg hunts and other celebrations, but we just want our children to know the real meaning of Easter.
    This year Granny came and spent the weekend with us. It was fabulous to have my Momma here to help and to give Rylan so much love. We went to church Sunday morning after we saw what the Easter Bunny brought us (see I told you, we will still do the fun stuff). The service was so emotional for me this year. I cried twice, once during silent prayer, and the second during a video and song that displayed Jesus suffering for our sins. Overall it was a powerful service, and I really felt God's presence that morning. After church we went and ate lunch and then came home for Rylan to nap. Momma ended up leaving after all of us adults napped. Rylan however, didn't get up until Tyson woke him up at 4:30. It was a good thing we didn't make Momma wait to hunt eggs. After he got up, we let him dye eggs and then decorate them with Mickey Mouse stickers. He loved dropping the eggs in the colored water, he would put 3 or 4 in each bowl. We definitely assisted in this adventure. At the end our eggs were beautiful and it was time to hide them. I hid the eggs while Rylan watched. We figured it would be easier for him if he saw kind of where they were. So after about three he had the hang of it. He took off remembering where I had placed every egg. He loved hunting them, but he really loved throwing them into the basket. At the end of the hunt most of the eggs were cracked.
     I hope you all had a very wonderful Easter. If you have ideas on how to educate our children on Easter all ideas are welcomed.
Rylan excited to see all that the Easter Bunny had left him. With Granny there the Easter Bunny was extra generous this year.
A picture taken after church of me and my boys!
Another picture taken after church of three generations.
Rylan dying his eggs, we figured just a diaper would do for this staining activity.
After the eggs dried we decorated them with Mickey Mouse stickers.
Ry was so proud of all of his eggs.
A picture of his eggs once they were all done.
The Hunt.
Rylan finding his eggs.
    This picture explains why most of them ended up broken.

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