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Friday, October 21, 2011

Go Red Raiders

     As most of you know Tyson is a big football fan, and a huge Red Raiders fan. So we have been fortunate enough to attend a few games this year. Tyson loves it, it gets me all fired up, and Rylan is obsessed with the Red Raiders. The boy plays football everyday, loves to watch it on TV, and talks about it all the time. Can you guess what Rylan will be for Halloween?

     We went to the K State Vs. Texas Tech game which was a great game, but in the end we fell short and lost. However, by watching Rylan and his enthusiasm you would have thought that we won by a long shot. He yells when the crowd yells, claps when the crowd claps, and loves to say "Go Red Raiders".
By the time kick off rolled around Rylan was already in full throttle.
Notice the man holding Rylan. Where do you think his love of football and the Red Raiders comes from?
We didn't get to see the Masked Rider this game but even better we got to see Raider Red. We were super lucky to have the great seats we had, third row (Thanks to Tia). So, we were close enough for Rylan to shake Raider Reds hand.
Every time Raider Red came around after that Rylan would yell, "I touch him Momma". He is one huge Texas Tech football fan.
The only question is what will we do when the spring rolls around and there isn't any football. I bet I know a Spurs fan who can show Rylan how to really cheer on a team!

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