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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

     Last Friday we went to a pumpkin patch in Clovis, NM. For those of you who don't realize this, Clovis is the closest town with a Wal-Mart. So we visit Clovis very frequently. This time along with a Wal-Mart trip we were able to find a pumpkin patch, The Davis Farm Pumpkin Patch. This was a great little adventure with many perks that we all loved and enjoyed. This particular pumpkin patch was actually on a farm, which got us all in that Fall Mood, and offered a few surprises you may not find at any other pumpkin patch. I will allow the pictures to do the explaining.
They had three mazes for us and Rylan to go through, and three others that were more challenging for adults. We just did the small three, and each one was more challenging than the one before it. The first one was just a simple one with pumpkins, it was cute and easy.
The second one was with hay bails. We could still see our way through this one, however it was a right turn only maze. Rylan loved it and after we were done he did it two more times, surprisingly all on his very own.
The third was a bit more challenging with large hay bails (that we could not see over). We let Rylan lead the way, and he did a pretty good job.
Our boy was all smiles the whole time we were there. He would stop and pose for any picture his Mommy (camera crazy lady) wanted to take. I was grateful and I really got some cute pictures of our boy.
There was a large tower of pumpkins and hay bails that hid some stairs. You could go inside and up the stairs and look out over the entire Davis Farm. Up at the top is where we spotted the tractor. Of course we would take a tractor ride. Rylan really has a thing for tractors, anywhere we go he is pointing them out and saying, "Twactors, look Momma".
After going through the mazes and looking out over the farm we sat down for the pumpkin toss. Yes, I said a pumpkin toss. I will explain that in a minute. Like I said things you wouldn't see at just any pumpkin patch.
Who knew that we would top off this pumpkin patch with yet another one of Rylan's favorite things. Horses. While waiting for the pumpkin toss a lady and gentlemen rode up on two horses. Rylan immediately began telling us about them, and the gentlemen insisted that he get on one. But Rylan insisted that, "Daddy and Ylan get on horsey, both". This meant he wanted Daddy up there too. Something that we all learned, is horses love to eat pumpkins, who knew?
This was one of the two devices they used to toss pumpkins. They really did fly, what a creative idea.
Rylan and Tia searching for the perfect pumpkin.

     Rylan, Tia, and Mommy took a hay/tractor ride to go pick out our pumpkins. Daddy didn't go because he has allergies pretty bad, and we drove right through a hay field. It was a good ride, a little bumpy at times (actually surprised I didn't go into early labor), but still it was a funny ride. Rylan loved it, and he was so cute the way he held onto my hand the whole time. It made me think, okay he still does need me. I often times need a reminder, since he tells me so often "Momma I do it".
     If ever you are in Clovis and have time visit Davis Farms Pumpkin Patch.  

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