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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthday Bash

Well Rylan's birthday bash was everything we had expected and more. We had a fabulous time with all of our family at the Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch here in San Antonio. One great surprise for Rylan and Mommy was seeing Aunt Kyra walk up. Kyra, you are the sweetest, caring, loving, sister and aunt to Rylan and me. You being there made the weekend that much more special to me! Also adding to an awesome weekend was finally getting to meet our niece Sophia. It was so sweet to see Rylan and his cousin together.

The resort had everything we wanted and more. As you can tell by the pictures we took advantage of all the resort had to offer. The weather wasn't as hot as we had hoped for but we were there for the water. Rylan loves the water and so we got in any way. We played in the pool, the water slides, practiced Rylan's swimming class skills, rode on the lazy river, and played on the sandy beach.

On Saturday we celebrated Rylan's first birthday party with family, a few friends, presents, and of course cake. We set everything up while Rylan was taking his afternoon nap. We didn't decorate a lot seeming as how we were at a hotel. But everything that was decorated was of course Mickey Mouse. I have to give props to HEB for a fabulous cake. They didn't have the cake I wanted, but they were able to use figurines I bought and make a cake the way I designed it. Also for your child's first birthday if you by a sheet cake they throw in an 8 inch round cake for free (you know the one your baby gets all to themselves).

We began with presents because we knew the cake part was going to be messy. Rylan enjoyed the tissue paper and the bows that were on his gifts. We couldn't believe how much stuff he got. He got clothes, a sandbox, sand toys, a dolphin float, a mickey mouse lounge chair, puzzles, books, a frame for each year of his life, a personalized scrapbook (made by his Aunt Kyra), and so much more. Thank you to everyone who loves our son so much that you spoil him with your love and gifts. When we got home Rylan, Daddy, and Mommy cleaned out old toys to make room for the new ones.

Next was cake, oh my goodness. I didn't see this coming but when it was time to sing Happy Birthday to my son I began tearing up. I wasn't expecting to cry but when your baby is sitting their in front of his first birthday cake emotions over come you, well me anyway. After the big cake we stripped down our little man and let him enjoy his own little cake (Mommy had recovered by this point). He actually didn't dig in the way I had expected him to. I figured it would be a huge mess, but he was actually very slow and careful about tearing it up. Eventually the sweet taste of chocolate touched my boys mouth, now there is no turning back.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate the awesome occasion of Rylan's birthday. It meant so much for all of you to be there.

I almost forgot to add that while there we also celebrated Mother's Day! My Momma, Cindy, and Aunt Judy went Saturday morning to the spa to get the Momma Mia Special. Then Sunday morning the men got up and cooked us Momma's breakfast. It being my first Mother's Day and Rylan's birthday celebration made for the best weekend!

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  1. looks like it was tons of fun! AND his hat is PRECIOUS. Good job mom!