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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Baby is 1!

Okay, I think I am finally emotionally ready to blog about Rylan being one year old! For some reason my baby turning one had a much larger emotional effect on me than I had expected. It seems like yesterday that we were introducing are precious new son to all of our family in the hospital room. This last year has given Tyson and I a new outlook on each other and our inner selves. Becoming a parent is by the far the greatest gift that God has ever blessed me with. Each day I can't believe that I get to stay home with such an amazing person. I was just telling Savannah and Len how each day of being a parent is better than the one before it. Rylan makes us laugh either at him or with him everyday. Hearing his laugh is the most infectious thing in the world.

He is walking everywhere and finding new limits within our home. His new game is chasing Duncan & Winston. It is so nice for his Momma to see him at playgroup now, he actually plays and interacts with his friends. For some reason it brings me great joy seeing him be so social. We are nearing the end of swim class and he has really come along way. It was an 11 week course, and he can now hold on to the edge of the pool and pull himself out, close his eyes underwater, kick his legs, move his arms in a strokish motion, and blow bubbles in the water. Rylan has no fear of the water. I always tell people if he could be outside or in the water he would never fuss. He still continues to eat almost everything we give him, but if you give him a fruit of any kind (especially oranges or grapes) he will eat them over anything. However, he does tend to feed the boys from his highchair, a habit we are trying to break. There are so many new things that he does everyday, but it is hard to remember them all and record all of them.

On his actual birthday we were glad to be able to celebrate it with Uncle Kirby. Tyson was on vacation so we had a day that was full of activities and fun. For his birthday breakfast I made him Mickey Mouse pancakes. Then we played all morning and had our morning nap. When he woke up we went to eat lunch at a restaurant that has a sandbox outside for children to play in. Rylan and Uncle Kirby both loved it. Next we had swim class and after that we were pooped and it was time for his afternoon nap. When he got up we played and then got ready to go to Chucke Cheese's, a first for all 4 of us. Rylan didn't so much like Chucke, he was of scared him, but he loved playing ski ball. When we got home we had ice cream cake, Rylan loved it, and the mess he got to make with it. It was a great day! My baby is now a one year old, I officially said it!

Rylan, you are a blessing that brings me and your Daddy great joy. Without you my world was not complete, with you everything is perfect. When I look at you I see happiness and I can't wait to see what new and exciting things you will do tomorrow. I love you!