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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago we had a Purdy family photo shoot. We decided to do it right before Rylan's first birthday. We found a lady here in San Antonio who did a great job! She is with Mustard Seed Photography for those of you interested. She was VERY reasonable and great to work with. We did them here in town at the San Jose Missions, beautiful, and exactly the rustic, springy look I was going for. Rylan did a great job, he was laughing and hamming it up the entire time. My most favorite ones are the pictures that captured his bold personality. These are memories that we will cherish forever. Tyson was dreading this shoot but once we got started both him and I, and the photographer were cracking up at our little man. We couldn't have asked for a better shoot. We got the pictures we wanted, a photographer we love, and memories captured. The only difficult thing is now going through and picking out my favorites, this will be the most difficult task.

Our photographer was so great and she must have enjoyed us too, because she put us on her blog and her website. Probably not for Tyson and I but mainly for Rylan. We are partial but who could resist a little boy who hams it up for you?


  1. OOOhhhhh he's so cute. Can't wait to see that little guy. And ya'll too of course :)

  2. You guys are too sweet! YOU were the real pleasure to work with - and it didn't even feel like work! :)