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Monday, November 15, 2010

Airfest 2010

     One great perk of living in San Antonio is getting to see all of our brave men and women in uniform around town. There is a lot of military here. In most places where you live you get asked, "What does your husband do for a living?" Not here, here you get asked, "Is you husband military?" Just funny how things are different depending on where you live. Well we are proud of our men and women who serve, and we got to enjoy some of their talents last weekend.
     Lackland Air Force Base hosted Airfest 2010. It was a great event with lots to see and do, they had free parking and free admission. It was a perfect family event. When we got there there was a forever line. But it did move fast, and the show could be seen outside the gate. We couldn't believe how loud the planes were, Rylan immediately started pointing to the air (this is what he does every time he hears a plane). Luckily for our little man today he would see a lot of planes, and hear more than he may have wanted to. When you walk in the gate their are vendors selling small planes, tours of planes, planes overhead, planes everywhere.
They started out with these little planes (sorry, I can't tell you the names). They were little trick planes and did great tricks that the crowd loved.
This is my boys in front of a Thunderbird.
Being so close to Veteran's Day I loved that this man was wearing this jacket. It read, "Honor the Finest and Bravest, United We Stand, America's Heroes."  There were a few instances this day that gave both Tyson and I chill bumps. It is events like this that remind you how proud you are of your country, those who fight to protect it, and the freedom that you have.  
The thunderbirds were the last show of the day. They were amazing. There were six of them, but these four stayed together the entire time.
The other two were separate, or doing something crazy like this.
At one point five of them united. When they split we were able to capture a shot of it.
At the end they all joined together, all six of them. It really was very cool. Just imagine how impressed the kids were if Tyson and I were in amazement?
          This is my favorite picture from the entire day, my boys watching together!


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  2. You are too funny. I get exicited when I see a new post from you too. Hint, Hint!