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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Monkeying Around

     This year for Halloween we decided that Rylan would be a monkey. He makes lots of animals noises, but his favorite is the monkey. As soon as he saw his costume he began making his monkey noises. However, when it was finally time to put it on, that took a little getting used to. I apologize in advance (Granny & Nana), I was not able to capture a really awesome picture of him in his costume. I tried my best, but this busy boy wasn't about to sit still.

     Tyson had to work Halloween weekend, so for the most part Rylan and I were on our own. On Saturday they had a little Halloween Celebration in our subdivision. Rylan and I went and stayed for just a bit. We did stay long enough for him to win third place in the 3 and under costume contest.

     On Sunday evening our dear friends Matt & Emily hosted a Halloween party. Now you must understand that with 4 kids ages 13 months to 17 months. Our parties are not the Halloween Parties we all once attended. It was low key, fun, and relaxed. Emily made a deliciously huge batch of chili, pumpkin bars, and had little smores (these were so good). We all ate, enjoyed the kids in their costumes, and handed out candy. Tyson was able to make it for a little while at the end. We had a great Halloween, and we really enjoyed watching our boy Monkey Around!
This was very soon after Mommy put the costume on. Can you tell he loved it?
This was our monkey while he was being judged for the costume contest.
Joseph was a giraffe, and he didn't seem to mind his costume at all.
The girls just so happened to both be insects, and the boys were both jungle animals.
Ella was a sweet little bumblebee.
Clara was a precious little ladybug.
Leave it to the jungle animals to be the ones to get into all of Mr. Matt's electronics.
Surprisingly, the kids didn't really care to eat any of the candy. However they all enjoyed playing with it in the bowl. Ella and Rylan really enjoyed it. There were a few times we picked candy up off the floor to give to the trick-or-treaters.

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