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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magnetic Clipboards

     A lady from my MOPS group ordered two clipboards from me. She wanted one for her daughter Emma, and one for her son Jack. She wanted them to have a common color of brown, and a pocket at the bottom to put school stuff in. She also wanted them to be magnetic, so that she could put them on the refrigerator.  The pocket and the magnetic backing are both things I had not done yet. So, I of course was up for the challenge, and I also thought that they were both fabulous ideas. Since they were magnetic I didn't put a folder on the back, so we fancied up the front a bit more.
For Jack's I decided to keep it simple, I went with the two main colors of green and brown. The clipboard itself was painted brown. The mom chose the paper and I started creating it from there. For the body of the clipboard I used the transportation paper, and the green and white paper as a contrast.
Where the green paper begins is also where the pocket begins. The transportation paper was used for the pocket. I used green and brown ribbon to tie the pocket on. I chose to make the clipboards as matching as we could for the siblings. So on both pockets is where I put the names. For Jack I also added a car embellishment.
The pocket is very cute and also provides another opportunity to organize.
I chose a star to top off the clip. The transportation paper had stars on it, plus the I didn't want to do anything to frilly for Jack.
The idea for Emma's was to keep it very similar in style to Jack's. But the two main colors I used were pink and brown. The mom chose the paper, and I went from there. When I saw that she had chosen bird paper I loved it, because I have a bird stencil. I thought the stencil would add a little bit more of a girly feel for Ms. Emma, and also tie in more brown that the mom wanted. So I painted on the bird stencil to the left of the clipboard.
Emma's is like Jack's. The bird paper covers the body of the clipboard, and the pink paper is the contrast paper. Where the pink and white paper begins at the bottom is also where the pocket begins. For Emma's I used pink and brown ribbon to tie the pocket on. If you notice it is the same style of  ribbon as Jack's, just pink instead of green.
For the top of Emma's I added a little bit of ribbon (pink, green, white, and brown), and a green and pink flower in the middle of that.
This is the final product. These were two clipboards I loved doing. It is so nice to make something personal for someone. I enjoy making my projects to fit a person's personality and likes. These pictures were taken on my refrigerator. So I am now trying to think of who else could use one. I love the idea, any and all organizational ideas are great!

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