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Thursday, December 2, 2010


     Tyson, Rylan and I had the great pleasure of watching Sophia one night. Aaron and Samantha went and had a anniversary getaway in Gruene. We volunteered to watch our sweet niece, and we are so glad that we did. She is a sweet little girl, and she is a fantastic baby. It was so fun to see the interaction between Rylan and his cousin. Sophia is 7 months and Rylan is 18 months, so they both now recognize the other one. It will be so fun the older they get.
     Honestly Tyson and I were a little nervous about watching two under the age of 19 months. We thought it may give us a glimpse into the future, of what our house will someday look like. And it did. The evening went great, giving us some confidence in our parenting abilities. The two ate at the same time, played at the same time, bathed at the same time, and went to bed about the same time. Although I will openly admit that if you were a fly on the wall of our house that evening, you probably would have gotten some great laughs.
     Aaron and Samantha returned Saturday around noon. That gave us time to get the kids morning nap in, lunch, and then get them photo ready. We had an appointment to go and get Rylan and Sophia's picture taken together. We decided to stack our weekend visit. So Aaron and Samantha got to celebrate their anniversary, and we also got Nana and Papaw's Christmas taken care of. Nana and Papaw have said all that they want for Christmas is a picture of their grandbabies together. So we were out the door and in for a treat.
To make a funny, interesting, stressful and successful story short, I will say that we did end up with a few good photos of the kids together. THANKFULLY!
     The weekend captured in cousin style pictures................
Rylan and Sophia playing together Friday evening.
Dinner together Friday night.
Bath time together Friday night.
Playing together after bath time.
Sophia falling asleep on her Uncle Tyson, so sweet!
The two kiddos playing with their Daddy's before we left to get their pictures taken.

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