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Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing Santa

     Last weekend we went and stayed the weekend at Granny's, in Lampasas they were having a Christmas celebration. So we double dipped, we got some Granny time in, and took a trip to see Santa.  On Saturday Momma and I went and did some shopping, then we  all went to eat. After eating we stopped off at the park to play and take some pictures for a Christmas card. So we made the boys suffer through some pictures, and then sent them off to play. Of course Rylan is always trying to play on all things that are for the big kids. But have no fear because those big kids are his Daddy. So Daddy and Rylan played on the big toys.
     After the park we went back to Granny's so that Rylan could take his afternoon nap. Well I guess Granny's was too much fun because Rylan decided to skip the nap. We loaded up and headed to the town square to enjoy some Christmas activities, and see Santa. As the day went on it got colder, so I finally got to put Rylan's gloves and hat to use. The hat he actually kept on, and the gloves too. It was so cute because he couldn't stop staring at the gloves. We had planned on staying for the Parade of Lights, but it got a little late for our little man who had decided to skip his nap.
     So, I will let our adventure of seeing Santa this year be explained in the picture below. Let me just say that it didn't go as well as last year.
Rylan and Daddy playing at the park.
Granny, Rylan and I in front of the courthouse downtown.
Rylan and his gloves, he just couldn't stop staring at them. He would look at them, smile, and say "cool".
Our reaction to Santa this year. As soon as he saw him he completely had a melt down. So no sitting on his lap this year. Just a lean in picture with Momma.
On the way home Rylan fell asleep, mind you it is a 2 minute drive. But as soon as he got up he remembered his gloves, and starting looking at his hands again. He even wanted to keep them on while he ate dinner.  Gloves he loves, Santa not so much. Better luck next year!
Let me just tell you what an adventure picture taking is with our almost 19 month old Ryla-nator!
Luckily Granny is patient and finds him hilarious. So we ended up getting a few good ones for our Christmas Card.


  1. Whatever Tyson has in his hand Rylan sure does want it!

  2. hahaha that Santa picture cracks me up. No worries Rylan, I was not a fan of Santa either. You look great Mama, LOVE LOVE the red dress for your pictures. :)