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Monday, September 10, 2012

1st Day of Mother's Day Out!

     We are so thrilled that our small town has a new Mother's Day Out program. I am so excited for the ministry in our community and also for my sweet boy to get to go. We decided that we were only going to send Rylan for now. I am taking this opportunity to get some one on one in with my Reesey Cup.  Rylan's first day was last Thursday, and he was so very excited. We have just been calling it school for him, we weren't for sure how he would grasp the concept of MDO. I let him pick what kind of backpack and lunchbox he would get for school. He chose Spiderman, which Tyson and I found hilarious, because he has never even seen the movie. But that is what he chose so that is what his Momma got him.
     Wednesday night Tyson gave the babes their baths and I set up Rylan's new lunchbox, backpack, new spiderman PJ's and a goody bag of educational gifts for him. When he got out of bath he went in Reesey's room (where we put on jammies and get ready for bed), and he found his new school stuff. He was so excited he looked at us with a wide mouth, huge smile, and said, "Ohhhh my goodness!" It was priceless.

We packed his very first lunch and then we all three left him a note (Reesey left hers on his napkin inside his lunchbox).
This is how excited he was the morning of.
Here is our boy entering his very first program, and not to mention his first steps of leaving his Mommy. I know, I know, boohoo. But I just need to tell you this was hard for his Momma.
Here is our boy posing, and all ready for his day!
This is one of Rylan's teachers Ms. Maggie, he took her an apple but wouldn't give it to her just yet.

When I went to pick him up, they said that he was awesome. On the way to the car he told me, "That school was great!" That is exactly what we wanted his reaction to be. He even told us yesterday morning that he wanted to go to school. As difficult as it was for this Momma to let go for the first time, I know how important it is for my baby boy. And after hearing his excitement for it, I know it was the right thing.

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