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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Cleaner Look

     Room by room, piece by piece, I like to make changes in our home. I tackled a small project in the laundry room not long ago. Don't get me wrong there is still work to do, but like I said piece by piece. When we moved it our home a brown shelf was left out in my husbands shed. He was going to throw it away and I immediately said, "No don't, I want it." So, I put it in the laundry room thinking I liked the brown rustic look of it. It didn't take me long to realize I did not love it like I thought I did.  So, a change was in order.
This was the shelf before. You are also getting a glimpse of how this table had become a catch all.
As you can see we need a cleaner look.
After painting the shelf white the space looks like a new space (to me anyway).
Everything is organized now. I took advantage of the drawers on this desk and put what was needed for the computer area in there. Maybe I can tackle the drawers next? I love this look, it looks fresh, clean and simple.

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  1. The white does make it look really nice! What a nice little shelf :)