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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

St. Bernards Farm

Our MOPS group had a playdate at St. Bernard's Farm this week, it was really a fabulously fun place for all three of us. I have been to a pumpkin patch every year since Rylan was born and this was my favorite by far. So much that I told Tyson we need to go back. These pictures will show just some of the fun we had.
There was this huge blow up bounce thing that every child there (even Momma's who were young at heart) loved. Rylan played with his friends Charlie and Stormie and had a blast. We started our visit on this bounce thing and ended our visit here also.
I was so excited to get a picture of my "Lil Pumpkin" in the pumpkins, but she wasn't all that cooperative. Our sweet thing is pulling up on everything and using them as a walker.  This day the pumpkins were her main assistant to her walking. So this is the best photo I got.
I just love this pictures. My babes aren't posing together but they are both very happy. This picture reminds me of Rylan's first pumpkin patch visit, and looking at him here I realize how big he really is.
This was our "Lil Pumpkin" three years ago. Now you too can see how big he has gotten.
They had a hay maze there that Rylan loved.
Here is the three of us posing together.
Here is Rylan comparing his height to the corn stalks there.
We got to take a hay ride in a trailer attached to a "Real tractor", as Rylan said. The tractor took us out into a pumpkin patch and we got to pick our own little pumpkins. These are the two that Rylan picked for him and his sister.
We also got to ride in a cow train. This was homemade and awesome. It was old barrels created to look like cows attached to a four-wheeler, that took us around the whole farm. Rylan (despite the excitement you see on his face) and Reesey loved it!

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  1. Your pictures are so cute!!! It looks like y'all had a fun time.