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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Marshmallow Ghost

Rylan has gotten to an age where he really enjoys doing craft projects. I love it because I get to go back to my teaching days, and try and find things that are fun for him (and somewhat educational if I can help it). This month he has done a lot of Halloween/Fall crafts. He has made leaves, candy corn, an apple, and our most recent project a ghost. I actually can take credit for this one, I didn't find it on Pintrest (but I bet it is on there somewhere). This project was easy. Materials; black paper, white crayon, marshmallows and glue. I drew the ghost and Rylan did the rest.
Rylan loved this project because he also got to snack while crafting.
I feel like it was fun but also good practice for his fine motor skills.
Once our ghost was done he was so cute. Rylan did a great job of staying on the lines I drew. Sadly though I left it on the table to dry while we went to gymnastics. When we got home our ghost was nothing but black paper scattered all over the dining room. Our sweet boys/dogs Duncan and Winston also enjoyed snacking.

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