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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Take It Outdoors

     When I'm at the Thriftshop I'm on the hunt for cheap furniture I can redo. A few weeks ago I went and I found this table. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it to go outside and serve as a endtable to our patio chairs.  I also loved the sticker on it that said $2!  The lady who helped me out to the car (I guess she felt sorry for me carrying the table, my ten month old and ushering my three year old out the door) said what will you do with this? I told her I was going to redo it and use it as a patio table. The look was priceless, I knew she thought that I was crazy. Little did she know it is the small things for me.
This is a look at the table before. Yes, it is a maroon color.
A closer look.
An even closer look, lovely right?
I simply spray painted the table black, easy as that. After my little tables paint job I set it in place out on the patio. We placed it between two of our patio chairs to function as an endtable. I also find that it provides me another place to decorate with plants outdoors.
It is a perfect fit, and it really does serve a purpose. In the mornings and evenings this location is shaded, it is perfect for coffee and a book!
A $2 table, a $1 can of spray paint and voila!

Please leave a comment and share your frugal makeovers!

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