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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Special Date

     A little over a year ago, I was pregnant with our Reesey and so excited to have a baby girl join our family. But I was also very sad, nervous, and scared for the change that I was about to put on my baby boy. Please don't get me wrong I was so very excited to have our Reesey, I was just fearful of how my slightly demanding Ry may struggle to adjust. I knew we would have to make a point to show him and his new sister one-on-one attention from both Tyson and I.  Just to let you know my boy adjusted perfectly, his crazy Momma worried for nothing.

     So, now that we have two sweet babies we try and do our best to get that one-on-one in with both of them.  In all honesty sometimes Rylan's behavior tells us when it is time for some one-on-one.  In our efforts to get time alone with both Rylan and Reesey we have found things that Ry enjoys doing with both of us (Reesey not so much yet, she is still little). Rylan has gotten to the age that he loves everything Daddy loves. So with Tyson Rylan goes golfing, they go shoot guns (they tell me they are careful, yikes), they do more of the manly stuff.  With me; we may take a short trip to the store, go eat by ourselves, or like last Friday we have ourselves a date day.  Last Friday when Tyson got off work Rylan and I headed to Clovis, leaving Daddy and Reesey for some afternoon fun of just relaxing.  We left early so we went to eat lunch first at Twin Cronies.  It is an old Drive-In, they still bring the tray out and hang it on your window, I love it and so did Rylan. After that we went to two of our favorite stores Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. You wish you were on this date too huh?  Our biggest goal of our date was a movie. We went and saw Escape From Planet Earth (very cute) and had our popcorn just like Tia instructed us (with Reese's Pieces in it). After our movie my date was a little tired, so he napped on the way home, and I reflected on our day and how much fun it is to spend that special time with my boy.  


  1. What a good mommy you are!! Just love looking at your precious kids.

  2. So sweet, sounds like a fun day to me!!!

  3. Thanks Marlie! It is a much harder job than I ever dreamed, but I love it!