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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Color Run

I said I would never run again when I graduated high school. After being forced to run cross country and track, I was done running for the rest of my life.  In the past three years I have learned to Never Say Never.

After being asked by friends to run in the Color Run Tyson and I said we would. I was nervous, I hadn't ran in ten plus years and I have two babies since then. Needless to say my body isn't in the shape it used to be.  But we agreed and committed to it. We began training (more me than Tyson) and I can proudly say
The fun part was who we ran it with.........Kyra and Brittney.
Tyson, Eric and me.........Kolby isn't in these pictures, he was driving.
Our team before the race.  Minus me, I was taking the picture.
................and after the race. Kolby and Brittney
Kyra and Eric
Eric, Kyra, Me, Tyson, Brittney, and Kolby
Running with my family was so fun and something I was so proud of.
I was proud of them all, but I was really proud of myself.  I ran the whole thing and that was a goal of mine.  I hate to say it, but I'm thinking I would like to do another 5K soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My biggest supporter in training and life. Tyson pushed me, encouraged me and was my partner the entire training and race day. Just another reason I love him so much!

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