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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Always & Forever

     You are my best friend, my support system, my partner in everything, the father to our precious son, my better half, and the love of my life. Without you my life would lack friendship, laughter, and love. Through all six years of marriage we have continued to make each other laugh, to find time to talk, to cuddle, make it a point to do something extra for the other, put family first, love unconditionally and no matter what. You are my rock, and may the next sixty years bring even louder laughter and deeper love.     ~Love, Kayla

                                              August 7th, 2004 ~ Always & Forever


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's crazy to think that:

    1) you have been married for six years and
    2) you have a one year old boy

    Hope you guys had a fantastic anniversary!

  2. Thanks girl. It is crazy. You are next! Tell Len I said that, haha.