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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sandy Beach in Granbury

     After a long day Aaron and Samantha figured that they should take Sophia home. We had a great time visiting and hope to do it again soon. Saturday evening after Rylan woke up from his nap, Nana, Tyson, Rylan and I went to the town square again for dinner. After that we figured what a beautiful evening we should take Rylan to the Sandy Beach. Nana had taken him the day before and said he loved it. So, we went again, it was right next to the hotel, which made it very convenient. Nana was right Rylan loved it! He loved the feel of the sand between his toes, the waves, and getting hand fulls of sand and throwing them into the water. Rylan had no fear of the water and would rush into it (fully clothed).  He got his shorts, shirt, hair, Nana, Daddy, and Mommy wet.  There is no greater joy as a parent than to see your child happy.  His laugh let us know that he was very happy.  It was a beautiful evening, very calm, relaxing and a great end to a wonderful weekend. We played there so long that we got to watch the sun go down over Lake Granbury, it was beautiful!

Rylan playing in the soft sand. It was still daylight at this point.
Rylan showing Nana how he has no fear of the water.
My sweet boys!
I love this picture. It was full a moon that evening.
This picture says it all, we had a great time in Granbury!

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