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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Gathering in Granbury

     On Saturday (in Granbury) we didn't have anything scheduled with the hospital. So, we decided that we would be tourists for the day. It is such a great little town with a lively and beautiful town square. Nana was already with us, and Uncle Aaron, Aunt Samantha, and cousin Sophia came and met us for the day. If by chance we do end up in Granbury, we would only be 1 hour and 45 minutes from Aaron and his family in Olney. We all met up at the town square. This was Rylan and Sophia's second time to see each other. The first time Rylan was 12 months and Sophia was 1 month. Now they are 14 months and 3 months. Rylan was so sweet to her and didn't even care when his Mommy was loving on another baby. I, of course, had to hold my sweet niece and give her all of my love.
   We went and ate at Babe's for lunch and then we did some shopping around the town square. To give you a better idea of the town I will tell you that it reminds me of Fredericksburg. It was a great day spent with the family. Between the five adults, we were able to handle the two kiddos! However, I will say the one who had the most fun was Nana. I think she was in heaven, between her grandson and granddaughter she couldn't get enough.
The Purdy family that continues to grow. I don't think Nana minds that at all.
Rylan kissing on his sweet cousin. Makes Mommy wonder how he will be with a sibling? So sweet!
Samantha and I decided to jump in at least one picture.
This is one proud Nana!
Oh, how I miss the days of napping in the stroller. Notice Sophia and then notice Rylan.
              One Cool Cat. Rylan sporting his new shades that Aunt Samantha got him. Thanks Aunt Samantha!

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