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Monday, August 16, 2010

Baby Aben

   This is a very sweet story that I want to share with all of you. Tyson and I have been blessed by knowing two amazing people. These two people have set a great example for us as advisors, friends, parents, spouses, and christians. They are a precious couple with a large love of God and family. Their names are Keith and Danielle Patteson.
     Tyson works with Keith at Christus Santa Rosa. Keith is Tyson's advisor and on faculty there. Danielle and I attend a bible study together (which she invited me to) and we will be doing MOPS together (which she invited me to). The two of them have a sweet, vibrant, funny little (almost) 3 year old. However, they recieved a calling from the Lord that their family needed to grow. Danielle did not get pregnant, God told them that their child was waiting for them in Ethiopia. They requested a boy who was preferably under 3 years of age. They wanted him to be younger than their son Joshua. After a long waiting period, court orders, and lots of paperwork they got word that they had been matched with a 15 month old little boy. Then through more courts, visits to meet their son, paperwork, and prayer they got word that their adoption was official. Through a difficult journey that took a year a half there family finally grew. It was a difficult long process for them, but they now have baby Aben home, and are adjusting to being a family of four!
     Last night there was a meet and greet for everyone to finally see baby Aben.  I loved visiting with Aben, and so did Rylan. Rylan now has a new friend because Aben is only 2 months older than him. 
     Their story is miraculous and motivating. They knew what God wanted for them and their family. They stopped at nothing to get their child home and now they have a healthy, handsome, sweet boy.  Keith and Danielle are a great example of what can happen when you let God lead your life.

I wanted Baby Aben to have something personalized for his room. When I made this frame they had not decided what to call him yet; Ben or Aben. It is normal for families who adopt from Ethiopia to change their child's name if they are still babies. Keith and Danielle wanted to keep his name similar as to not confuse him. But Abenezer is a really long and difficult name to say. So they decided to shorten it and call him Aben. Needless to say I need to send Danielle an A to add to the frame.

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  1. What a neat story to read about, thanks for sharing. Great example of listening to God speak and following his ways. Glad Rylan will have a new friend.