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Friday, September 16, 2011

Cap'n Rylan's Room

Our house here in Muleshoe is coming along, piece by piece by piece. One room that I have completely done (and I am so happy to have it all done) is Rylan's Pirate room. At the end of July Rylan decided that he was done with his crib (he crawled out three times in one night). So, it was time for a big boy bed, which also meant that it was time for Mommy to do a big boy room. I will let most of the pictures explain the room. I just want to say that Rylan loves his Pirate room, which makes it that much more rewarding for his Mommy.
This is Rylan's chalkboard that Nana and Papaw ordered for him. I plan on using it to help him explore his creativity, and hopefully using some of my teaching tools to educate him. No promises but hopefully I will follow through with this. If you notice the rocking horse and the dog on the shelf, they both have eyepatches on. I tried to add a touch of pirate everywhere I could. Which became easier after my cousin Averi through a pirate themed 3rd birthday party for her son Cade. All of the gift bags were filled with pirate themed stuff.
My dear friend Allison will want a lot of pictures. That way she can fully get an idea of what I did. So, I apologize for the amount of pictures, they are for Allison. The small shelf that holds the big dog I found in Nana and Papaw's barn. It was white and dirty, we brought it home and painted it black. If I have something to paint and I don't know what color to paint it, it will be black.
It took a while to get things arranged how I wanted them, but I am finally very happy with Rylan's new big boy room. My dear sweet husband was very kind and patient with me. Maybe he knows not to mess with a 7 month pregnant lady, who is nesting beyond what most would expect. You can't see them but the bed does have bedrails that come up and down on both sides of Rylan's ship. He is a wild sleeper these were a must.
The bedding I found off of, and I immediately fell in love with it. The colors in the bedding allowed me to use a lot of the furniture and wall decorations that we already had (with a few tweaks here and there). The frame above his bed was from his nursery. Tia made that for us before Rylan was born. His name and Mom & Dad were painted a teal color to match his nursery. But Tia was here so she went over her handy work with a tan to help it match his new room. Plus, I love that I still have it in his room. It melts my heart to just think of the time when he was so little.
Just another picture so that Allison can fully see his room.
These are the shelves that house a lot of books, which Rylan has a lot of. I stole this idea from These are just shelves made out of wood pallets. We asked a neighbor here in town who had some in the alley behind his house if we could have some. He said yes, and so really these shelves were free. Tyson made them all three in 30 minutes. Like I said this room was a team effort. Between Tyson, Tia and me we all contributed. I use the front of them to put flashcards up that I would like for Rylan to see more frequently. I simply put what I want on a notecard and use a clothespin to put it on the shelf.
I love this dresser. Can I just tell you that I got it off of craigslist for $30. I wish I would have taken a before picture but I forgot. It was a dark brown older looking wood, I simply painted it black and left the original knobs. It is perfect for the amount of clothes that I store in Rylan's drawers. Please ignore the ugly closet door, we are trying to get these replaced in both kids rooms.
These initial pictures I also love. These were simply made from things I have here at the house. The only thing purchased was the ship and flag, which were 67 cents at Hobby Lobby. The frames I had, behind the map is a picture of a flower (we just covered it up), and the matting came with the frame. So this was very cheap to make. I used an Atlas for the maps and cardstock for the letters. Tia and I then mapped out a pirates journey to their treasure and marked it with an X.
A closer look.
                      On the bear I simply used the hat and mustache that came in Rylan's gift bag from Cades party. I think it added a touch of pirate, and Rylan talks about the mustache everyday. The monkey above the dresser was another homemade project. I give all of the painting credit to my sweet sister. We found the monkey on sale at Hobby Lobby for $3.25. Kyra painted the monkey, which turned out so adorable, thank you Tia. I had the bulletin board, because when we moved in I found it in a closet. So we added the two and decided to make it a place where we can hang pictures of family and friends for Rylan. I painted the board black and outlined 2 4x6 pictures and 2 5x7 pictures with white paint, and we stenciled the "Ahoy Matey" on the board. After everything dried we simply hot glued the monkey on the board and we had our very own homemade wall art.
     After adding up this room redo I can proudly say that this room was redone for under $200. That includes the $90 pirate bedding. I love this big boy room and I am so proud of my big boy who now sleeps in a big boy bed. Where does time go? It seems like yesterday I was decorating his nursery.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you for all the pictures, you know me too well. :) The shelves are awesome, Tyson did a great job. I love the bedding, and I love all the homemade wall art. The pirate maps are AMAZING, great idea. I absolutely love it... now for Reesey's room. :)