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Friday, September 2, 2011

Muleshoe Mules

     Well it is official, we are Muleshoe Mules Fans, especially Rylan. Last Friday we put on our Mule gear (well I put on Tyson's since mine is too small right now) and headed up to support our team. As soon as we drove up to the stadium Rylan started talking about, "Football game Momma, they hurt heads, ow". It was hilarious to hear him go on and on about the football game. However, we did have to correct him that we were at a Mules game and not a Red Raiders game. Once he caught on he wouldn't stop yelling "Go Mules". Our team ended up falling short in the end, but Rylan didn't know the difference. Rylan got a football from a cheerleader, played with all the 13 year old girls, watched the Mule from afar, and he loved the band. He LOVED the game, and talks about it everyday.
Rylan screaming "Football game", all ready to attend his first Mules game.
Rylan and his Daddy, who was so proud that;
1. He was taking his son to watch football where he played when he was in high school,
2. That his son loves football as much as he does.
                   Here I am all ready to go to the game, all 28 weeks of me, and our sweet little girl! Tyson's shirt may not fit for much longer.

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  1. You look Beautiful, Kayla!! Love your new family picture!! Miss you!!