Photography By: Madison Bamert Photography

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Something

     I have had difficulty deciding what to put above our TV in the living room. So, I began searching through all of the decorations that I haven't used from the old house, and I came up with an idea. I decided to add two pieces together, and create one personalized wall hanging.  Once again I kind of got my inspiration from
This is a black wrought iron wall decoration, (that I got at Hobby Lobby)  I had it in the kitchen at our house in San Antonio. But at this house I didn't have anywhere to put it. Anywhere I tried to put it, it always looked to bare by itself.
I should have taken a before picture of this wall plaque before I painted, added scrapbook paper, and drilled holes (well Tyson drilled holes) for the ribbon. But as most of my projects go, I forgot to take a before picture. I painted it black, found scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby (I used Modge Podge for the paper), and added ribbon that I already had. I wanted to use colors that weren't to loud. So, black and tan were the colors I chose.
I stenciled on "The Purdy's Est. 2004", waited for it to dry and then I tied knots with the ribbon onto the metal wall hanging. That easy, my wall hanging was done.
This is a closer look at the paper, plaque, and how I tied the two pieces together.
    Now I have something personal and unique that hangs above the TV. However, now that I am looking at this picture I may should have gone with something bigger. All and all I love this wall hanging!


  1. Love it! So funny that you said that after you took the picture, I did the same thing with something in Trey's room the other day. I hung it all, like it, then took the picture to share with you and Momma. Haha decided not to send the picture because it didn't work. Great idea though, I have some stuff I can't wait to go through when we get our house. :)

  2. I can't wait for you to play in your new home. I know it will inspire me all over again!