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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Marine

     A few weeks ago Kyra and Eric came to Muleshoe. They were here for almost three weeks and it was awesome. We definitely got to feel what it would be like to have them close to us, and I must say it was even more amazing than we imagined. We got to see them almost everyday which made each day that much more special.
     Eric is in the Marine Corps in San Diego. His unit will be deployed on October 3rd for Afghanistan. Before a Marine deploys they are given three weeks of leave. Eric and Kyra chose to spend these three weeks surrounded by family. They are told to expect a 7 month deployment, so while Eric is away Kyra will be living with us. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't imagine being without Tyson for that long, and I know it will difficult for them both. But knowing that she will be here with us, closer to family, and near Mark and Lynda (Eric's parents) will make this time that our brave Marine is away more manageable. I think having family close by will be the best thing for everyone, especially my dear sister.
     While they were here I was able to capture some of our fun together. The one who LOVED having Uncle Eric here was his biggest fan Rylan. He loves his Uncle Eric, and he loves to play rough with him.
This picture is just too cute to me. Rylan would get Uncle Eric to play football, race him, chase him, tackle him, and fly him like a airplane.  If Uncle Eric was at our house, Rylan had him out of breathe.
Granny got this shirt for Rylan because she knows the connection that Rylan and his Tia have. If only we could get him to smile for this picture. The shirt says, "I can't help it good looks run in my genes, just look at my aunt".
Before Eric and Kyra left to head back to California we had everyone over at our house for a farewell dinner. We had the best time with Mark and Lynda (Eric's parents).
The four of us became even closer while they were here visiting.
                          Momma, JJ, Kyra, Eric, Tyson and me.

     Eric, we are so very proud of you and the man that you have become. It is a big sacrifice that you are making for us and our country. We are forever grateful for you service and your sacrifices. We will miss you very much and we will take good care of Kyra. We love you, we are praying for you, and we can't wait until you come home.

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