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Friday, October 15, 2010

Back at the Shoe

We just made our last stop on the interview trail. Yes, you guessed it Muleshoe. We had a great flight, and thankfully all of our luggage, and carseat made it there, and back home. We kicked off the weekend with a jam packed Saturday.  We were so busy all day, so Nana and Papaw graciously volunteered to grandparent that day. I think that they both LOVED it! We started with breakfast at the hospital, tour of the upcoming developments, meeting with all of the hospital staff, lunch at Leal's with the board, and real estate looking.  We ended the day with a walk about progressive dinner. This was a unique experience that you can only do in a small town, because their streets are not very busy. We began at the Cages and had appetizers, the Locker's had salad, the Morton's had the entrees, and Cindy and Bruce had desserts. It must of been a site to see 30 people walking from house to house. It was a great evening filled with great company, and delicious food.

Sunday we went to church, Leal's, and then home to rest. We didn't rest long. Tyson and I got a tour from Mr. Sheets the superintendent of Muleshoe ISD. We visited the PK-2 school, and then the high school. It was very funny because Tyson didn't recognize half of his old stomping grounds. We also got to go out onto the beautiful new football field. Later in the afternoon Kolby, Kirby, Averi, Cade, and Bayli came to Bruce and Cindy's to visit. Then all of us loaded up and headed over to a classmate of Tyson's. Her and her husband hosted a young couples cookout in our honor. It was so FUN! We had the best time catching up, and enjoying old friends. It was so nice to be surrounded by all of our old friends, who just so happen to have children right around Rylan's age. These next two sentences will tell you how country we are. After the party Mommy was pooped so I took Rylan home. Daddy went with 3 of his classmates and went spotlighting. Yes you read it correctly, s-p-o-t-l-i-g-h-t-i-n-g. They had a great time.

On Monday, we met with the CEO again, we discussed our options, and completed our interview. Our flight was that afternoon. So, we had lunch with Nana and Papaw, and then loaded up. We made one last stop to visit Grandma and Ms. Molly at the nursing home. When we got to the airport e were exhausted.

We had a great weekend seeing family and friends. We know that God has a plan for us, we are just waiting for him to tell us what it is. When he tells us we will tall all of you!
Nana and Papaw dreaming of being so close to Rylan.
Rylan and Papaw playing together.
While Mommy and Daddy were busy on Saturday, Nana and Rylan decorated a pumpkin with stickers.
Lile, Tyson's babysitter growing up helped us with Rylan Saturday evening. He loved her and enjoyed hearing her sing in Spanish.
Mommy getting some loving from her sweet angel. As weird as it sounds I missed him on Saturday. Being a stay at home momma I am not used to being away from him that long.
Averi, Cade, Bayli, Kirby, Kolby, Rylan, Tyson and me. We love seeing our family, all we do is laugh.
                                               Four very handsome boys, I may be partial.

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