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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wedding Weekend

     Well the fun continued while the Brendel's were here. The day of reshearsal dinner all of the guys went and played golf. Allison and I enjoyed a relaxing morning at home with our little men. Later Allison's Momma and Dad came to the house, and the six of us went to eat lunch.  Then we went back to the house, and let the boys play some more.
     After a while the golfing crew came home. George and Rylan had met earlier in the week. Now it was time for him and Trey to meet, and Harv to meet Rylan and Trey. The boys were able to catch up just like old times. It was awesome getting to see all of our friends together again. For a minute it felt as though we were back on the island. For a minute, need I remind you of the two 1 year olds.
Trey still enjoying HIS chair, too cute!
Rylan telling Aunt Allison all about his day.
The two boys being as cute as can be.
Us Mommy's wanted to get some pictures of our boys. Like you couldn't tell.
The two Momma's with our little men. We have a picture of the two of us when we were both pregnant. That makes this picture that much more special to me.
Trey meeting Uncle Harvey.
The golfing crew, and soon to be additions.
Uncle Harvey meeting Rylan, and actually throwing up a double T. Just for the record he is an Aggie.
                                                       Mandy how do you think this looks?

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  1. I think he looks mighty fine with a curly haired baby! Love your blog girl!