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Monday, October 25, 2010

Pickin out Pumpkins

Last Saturday before the Texas Tech game came on, we loaded up and headed to get our family pumpkins. Yes, I know Rylan and I have already been to the pumpkin patch. However, we started a tradition last year that we would go as a family to pick out our pumpkins to carve. We went to a nearby nursery that always does an awesome Halloween display. We had success in finding great pumpkins, and I will soon share our carving experience with you all.
Can you tell that it is football season? Almost all of our pictures from Saturday's show Rylan in Red Raider gear.
Rylan found a kitty cat, and that was the focus for about 5 minutes.
The nursery decorated awesome.
This witch was my favorite part. Smoke would come out of her caldron, and she would shake her booty while chanting a spell. When we tried to get a photo Rylan wouldn't look at me, he just kept staring at her.
Daddy enjoying the maze as much as Rylan.
This was Rylan waiting on the Choo-Choo. That is all he kept saying "Choo-Choo!"
    The train they had was very fun. We all three got to ride together, we were the caboose. The train went all around the nursery, we really enjoyed the dark tunnel that we went through.

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