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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raiders VS. Aggies

As you all know we are Red Raider fans. Allison and Brian are Aggie fans. One day I was shopping in Old Navy and I found this little shirts for our boys. They both looked so cute in them, and of course their cuteness called for a photo shoot. This was the last day that the Brendel's were at our house. So we also wanted to try, and get a few pictures of the six of us together.
For some reason when Rylan throws a ball, he likes to get a foot in front of you.
The two boys playing catch.
The six of us. This was the best shot that we could get. Notice neither of the boys are looking at the camera.
The boys and their Daddy's.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the two boys.
As you can imagine the sitting didn't last long.
And their off.
Next we tried to get a picture of they boys with their Mommy's
As you can notice that didn't work out so well either.
Dearest Trey, we were so glad that you came and stayed with us. You are precious and funny all at the same time. We loved watching you and Rylan play together! It was so cute how quickly you felt at home. You immediately began loving on Duncan and Winston, and that made us feel great. As they are part of our family. LOL. Some day you and Rylan will look back on this pictures and laugh. Maybe of embarrassment, but you will laugh. We were sad to see you leave, but we can't wait to see you, your curly hair, and sweet nature again.

It was a wonderful visit with the Brendel's. When we first moved to Galveston we don't know anyone. As newlyweds we were desperate to make friends. Well God blessed us, and sent us Brian and Allison. You two made medical school the blast that it was. We cherish your friendship, and we love growing older with you. Seeing our boys play makes us so proud and happy. We look forward to what the future has in store for the now, 6 of us.

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  1. Love all the new posts... I keep getting all weepy, but I love them! :)