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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Brendel Visit

We recently had the great pleasure of hosting the Brendel family in our home. Brian came earlier in the week, and Allison and Trey came later in the week. We had the greatest time. It was so fun to see Rylan and Trey play together. The last time they were together they were 8 months and 6 months.  Allison and I couldn't wait to see our baby boys playing together. As soon as we got home the two boys went to work. They began playing right away. It was so nice to see them so independent. The two of them are so precious and at such a fun age. Us four parents love that our boys are so close in age, and that they will get to grow up together. When Trey got to the house he immediately made himself at home. He particularly liked the Mickey Mouse chair. I don't know what it is about that chair, but the boys especially love to climb it. Our boys have grown so much, and we love watching them play together. God is good!
As soon as Trey got there the boys hit the ground running!
Trey immediately made himself at home, which Tyson and I loved.
Diaper Dudes!
They continued to play side by side.
Rylan showing Trey his Mommy and Daddy, and Trey enjoying HIS chair!
Trey testing his limits. He was trying to see how far he could go before his Mommy stopped him.
Our two little men enjoying their Daddy's grilling skills.
Rylan and Trey at 4 months and 6 weeks old. My how time has changed, and how are boys have grown.

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