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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dinner for Four

Tyson's Best Friend from UTMB came and stayed last week with us. We had a great time and really enjoyed his visit. Him and Tyson scheduled their vacation together. The two of them had a great week. I loved watching both of them be carefree, not worry about work and just enjoy each other. We tried to keep Brian entertained while he was here. One night the four of us went to eat at a Japanese Steak House. We had to sit at the Hibachi grill to get the full effect. It was Rylan's first time to eat at a Hibachi grill. We had a great chef, who just so happened to be the head chef. Needless to say all four of us had a great dinner. The evening was (of course) captured in pictures.
Rylan and Uncle Brian became great buddies.
The three boys waiting on their feast.
The boys visiting with our chef.
Of course we had to ask for FIRE! I may be 26 but this is still my favorite part.
This was the reaction we got from Rylan when the chef made fire.
Rylan continued to clap for our chef while he cooked our dinner.
We also asked if he would do the volcano.

Look at Tyson and Brian, Rylan wasn't the only one paying close attention.
                              Rylan still clapping for our chef and the great food that he prepared for us.

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