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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyson

On Sunday my sweet husband turned 29! Tyson isn't the type to make a big deal about birthday's. But I love birthday's and think that it is a day to celebrate. I believe that you should blow out at least one candle, and have at least one gift to unwrap. Since his birthday fell on a weekend, we took the whole weekend to celebrate. Rylan and I started planning on Friday. We made Daddy a red, black, and white cake, for the Red Raiders. Rylan loved it because he got to enjoy the batter. There have been times in the past where his interest in sweets was not there. However, it has emerged. We made the cake and hid it. Little did Daddy know we were going to have a cake and decorations on Saturday night.

Friday evening we went to celebrate his birthday with our friends, Jesse, Melina, and Evan. The six of us went and had Mexican food, and then went over to their house to watch the Rangers Win! Then when we got home Tyson began smoking a brisket for Saturday night. He set his alarm through the night to go and check on it. It was so cute.

Rylan helping Mommy make Daddy's cake.
Daddy's Texas Tech cake, kind of. We all know that I am not much of a baker.
While Tyson and Rylan were napping on Saturday Mommy set out the cake and decorated with balloons. Tyson awoke to a surprise.
Saturday evening we had friends over; Jesse & Melina and their son Evan, Matt & Emily and their daughter Ella, Brad & Stephanie and their daughter Clara. We needed help eating the brisket that Tyson made. On a side note I will add that for his first brisket it was delicious. I am hopeful that he will make one again soon.

The birthday boy and his buddies before we sang Happy Birthday! None of the men folk were too happy when us ladies talked them into playing the Newlywed Game. Needless to say with 4 kids between the ages of 13 months and 23 months our game didn't last long. We had a great evening and we were so glad that we could celebrate with our friends.
On Sunday, Tyson's actual birthday we relaxed at home. We did find the energy to carve pumpkins, make a pizza, nap, watch football, open presents, and eat peanut butter pie. Daddy said all he wanted to do was stay home and hang with Rylan and I. Tyson, Happy Birthday my love.

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  1. Awww...Happy Birthday Tyson! Sounds like it was a fun weekend.